Kelsey Craig joins Simply Grace with personal experience of heartbreak,  feelings of hopelessness and the desperation that accompanies addiction. Through God’s grace and her family holding firm boundaries in early 2016 she learned a new way of life through the 12 steps and began her journey in recovery. Her life changed dramatically after being reintroduced to God through the 12 steps and was able to see real life promises begin to come true. Kelsey managed a sober living home and worked her way up in a women’s residential treatment center as a Recovery Advocate. She brings a wealth of experience in intake and discharge planning, alumni programs and program management. Kelsey has gained an immense insight into women-specific issues that present throughout the recovery process.  Kelsey’s determination led her back to school where she obtained her LCDC-I license and began individual, group, and experiential counseling.Today she’s happily married with two beautiful children Riley and Charlie. She’s been drawn to the Simply Grace mission and believes in meeting people where they are and empowering women to embrace their struggles and continue to grow. Kelsey is a living example of what recovery CAN and CONTINUES to do for someone who is truly willing. She’s grateful that God has restored her sanity and has transformed her experience with despair and brokenness to serve those embarking on a new chapter in their life. Kelsey is a wonderful addition to Simply Grace family and is excited to play a part in furthering our mission to empower women to find their voice and purpose!