Simply Grace

Anika Cooper thoroughly understands the challenges and struggles faced by individuals seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. She also understands how vital it is to their survival to get into a caring and supportive environment immediately upon completing a treatment program. Clean for more than 16 years after a long battle with drug and alcohol addiction, Anika founded Simply Grace as part of her desire to begin a new life and stay free of drugs and alcohol. Simply Grace is a transitional housing facility that helps recovering addicts get on their feet and acquire the skills and emotional support they need to integrate back into society and begin a fresh start. Anika remembers the experiences, opportunities and lessons that changed her life while she was in transitional housing, and Simply Grace is her way of giving back.

       A cum laude graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, Anika currently resides in Dallas and enjoys a successful career as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative at Arbor Pharmaceuticals, Inc., where she has been employed since 2009. Thanks to her innate talent for building and maintaining professional relationships, understanding market dynamics, and utilizing customer-focused selling techniques, she increased Arbor sales by more than 200 percent, quickly surpassed many of her professional goals, and earned recognition and awards for her service and commitment, including Arbor’s prestigious President’s Club Award for 2011.

       Life has been both challenging and rewarding for Anika. She continues to persevere, stay focused, and through dedication and commitment, she is achieving a purposeful life. In addition to managing Simply Grace, she serves as a liaison to several other community-based organizations that offer important services and support programs that enrich the lives of Simply Grace residents and help strengthen their ability to remain clean. She has also been a volunteer for more than nine years at Dawson State Jail and Gatesville Women’s Prison in the Dallas area. Anika currently attends Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas, where she continues to grow in faith with the spiritual support of her church community.


Simply Grace
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